The Modern Kitchen Remodeling Guide To Open-Concept And Minimalist Design

If you are ready to begin renovating your kitchen, there are a lot of modern remodeling designs that you may be thinking about. Today, there are options for open-concept and minimalist designs that can give your home the modern style you want. The following remodeling guide will help you with these features: Open Up the Main Living Space of Your Home The space of your home is going to need to be opened up when remodeling your kitchen.

Bathroom Tile Can Be Applied In More Than Just A Brick-Lay Pattern

Go to just about any home in your neighborhood and you are very likely to find tile applied in a brick-lay style. While this is a common option that looks well, it is not the only pattern you have to choose from. Whether you plan to upgrade the tile in your shower, bath, or the floor in your bathroom, learn more about some of the other bathroom tile styles you can choose from.

Safe Ways to Use Wood in Your Bathroom Remodel

Wood and water don't mix well. If wood gets too wet, it gets moldy, and then it starts rotting. For this reason, most people assume that they can't use wood in their bathrooms. But this is not necessarily the case. You won't want to make your shower surround out of wood, of course, but there are some other ways you can incorporate wood into the design without worrying so much about rot.