Salt Life -- 4 Must-Do Home Maintenance Tips For Living By The Sea

Living by the ocean -- whether it be the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Gulf, or somewhere in between -- has a lot of benefits. Whether you like heading out for a day of fishing or just hanging out on the sand, the sea has a way of rejuvenating even the most jaded person. But, it also has some challenges that you don't often face living inland. If you're looking for a home near the beach, here are 4 must-do home maintenance or remodeling necessities to keep your place ship-shape:

How to Revive Your Faded Gray Barn and Make It Bright Red Again

If you have an old barn on your property, and it is faded and gray, then you might be looking for ways to improve it. The barn might have originally been painted a beautiful, deep-red color, but over time it would have become faded, with the paint chipping away. Now you have an old, gray structure on your property. If the barn is in good shape (an intact roof, no rotten support beams), then all it needs is a nice new paint job, and it will look gorgeous.