That Mold Damage May Have Gotten To Your Clothes: 3 Steps To Remove The Spores And Odor

While you were away on vacation, your home flooded. Now that you're cleaning up the water mess, you've discovered mold growing in your home. You'll need to get the mold removed from your home as soon as possible. Not only can mold destroy your home, it can also turn into a serious health hazard. This is particularly true if someone in your home suffers from allergies, or breathing problems such as asthma. [Read More]

5 Homeremodeling Projects That Are Great Investments

Most homeowners want a beautiful home and are eager to make home improvements, but budget constraints are a factor for the majority of people. Since few homeowners have an endless amount of money to spend on home improvements, it is important to choose projects that not only enhance your home, but are also a good financial decision and offer a good rate of return on your investment. Some of the most financially wise home improvements include: [Read More]

Fitting Kitchen Tiles Around An Awkwardly Shaped Wall

So you're interested in laying new tiles in your kitchen, but you have an awkward area that will make it difficult. Whether it's a jutting bar or another strange spot, you're going to have a hard time getting tiles on the floor around that area. That's why you need to plan ahead. Measuring Total Kitchen Floor The first step in the process is measuring the size of your kitchen floor using a tape measure. [Read More]

Three Ways To Cut The Cost Of Your Building Materials During Home Construction

Working with a builder to plan your dream home is one of the most exciting adventures that any homeowner can experience. While it's easy to get fully engulfed in picking out the intricate features that will make your new home come to life, it can often be a little more challenging to pull back on the reins and make sure that your dreams are in alignment with your budget. You'll invariably reach a point at which you'll need to choose between upgrading certain areas and keeping other areas basic in order to stay on budget. [Read More]