The Pros And Cons Of Marmoleum Flooring

When it comes to flooring, there are a wide range of options to choose from. For an affordable and attractive flooring, you can go with linoleum. Within linoleum, there are even more varieties, including marmoleum. This is the newest type of linoleum flooring, made completely from natural materials. It is a combination of wood flour, cork dust, burlap, and pine resins. Here are the pros and cons of marmoleum flooring to help you decide. [Read More]

Metal Roofs: 3 Common Myths Exposed

Metal roofing shingles are one of the most beneficial materials the residential roofing industry has to offer. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to even consider the installation of a metal roof due to common myths that surround these roofing materials. Today, those myths will be exposed and the truth will be revealed so that you can make an informed decision regarding the installation of a metal roof on your home. Myth: A Metal Roof Will Make Your House Hot During The Summer [Read More]