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Safe Ways to Use Wood in Your Bathroom Remodel

Wood and water don't mix well. If wood gets too wet, it gets moldy, and then it starts rotting. For this reason, most people assume that they can't use wood in their bathrooms. But this is not necessarily the case. You won't want to make your shower surround out of wood, of course, but there are some other ways you can incorporate wood into the design without worrying so much about rot.

1. Wood Toilet Back Wall

One fun way to use wood in your bathroom is to create a sort of backing wall or display wall for your toilet. You could use reclaimed beams for this purpose, staggering them as you go up the wall to create an interesting appeal. The back wall only needs to go about halfway up the real wall for effect, and it does not even have to go all the way to the floor; it can stop at the baseboard. With this layout, the chances of the wall getting wet, especially for any prolonged time period, are very low.

2. Wood Counters

Another option is to ask your bathroom remodeling contractor for wood counters. The counters around bathroom sinks rarely get wet if you choose a sink that's large enough to catch most of the drips. Wood counters made from butcher block, which is wood cut across the grain, don't absorb a lot of water, anyway, especially if you choose a hardwood like cherry or maple.

3. Wood Ceiling Beams

You could also leave your ceiling beams exposed, or you could have your contractor install some faux wood ceiling beams. This really draws the eye upward and can make a smaller bathroom feel a lot larger. The ceiling won't be a spot that ever gets wet as long as you have a good fan exhaust system in the bathroom.

4. Wood Vanities

While many people choose painted vanities for their bathrooms, you could always go with natural wood instead. Choose a design in which the vanity does not come all the way to the floor, but rather sits on a platform with baseboard around it. This way, if the toilet ever overflows or water ends up on the bathroom floor for some other reason, the wood vanity won't become wet.

If you like the look of wood, contact local bathroom remodeling services for a second opinion. They can help with the design and installation process.