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Wood Cabinets Ideas To Makeover Your Kitchen With A Classic Rustic Design

If your home has a rustic design, you may want to continue this theme in areas like the kitchen. The problem is that you may want a more modern and open design. Therefore, when you remodel your kitchen, wood cabinets are a great option. The following wood cabinet design ideas will help you makeover your kitchen with rustic style:

Wood Cabinet Finishes for a Rustic Look

The finish of the wood cabinets is one of the first options to think about. There are several things to consider for the finishes of your wood cabinets. Some wood cabinet finish ideas that will give your kitchen rustic style include:

  • Traditional recessed shaker-style cabinet doors
  • Pine, oak, and traditional domestic wood finishes
  • Rustic wood stains that highlight imperfections in the wood

These finishes will give the cabinets you have installed in your kitchen a more rustic look. Using stains will help to enhance the look of your rustic kitchen design.

Create Attractive Rustic Kitchen Islands

The rustic kitchen design for your home can also include an island that provides useful surfaces. These islands can have rustic details and design features that include:

  • A mobile island with cast-iron casters and hardware
  • A solid wood kitchen island surface to enhance the rustic style
  • Reclaimed wood details to enhance the rustic style of the kitchen island

These rustic kitchen island designs will help keep your kitchen open. The details like rustic hardware will help enhance the rustic style of the kitchen island.

Rustic Storage Solutions for Open Designs

The storage in modern kitchen design is important. Therefore, you want to have rustic features that provide storage. The following modern kitchen storage solutions will give you the modern space and rustic styles you are looking for. Consider:

  • Using iron rods and hardware for organization features
  • Keeping some cabinet units open with rustic shelving
  • Using reclaimed lumber beams to replace high cabinets with shelves

These are storage solutions that will give your modern kitchen design and a rustic look. Talk to the cabinet installer about adding woodwork details to enhance the design of open storage features.

Adding Rustic Cabinet Hardware to the Kitchen

The hardware that is installed on your cabinets can also be used to create a more rustic look. This is where you want to use more traditional materials and details. For example, you may want to use iron hinges with exposed flanges. There are also other wrought iron brackets and details that can be added to the cabinets to enhance their rustic appearance.

These wood cabinet designs will give your kitchen a modern design with rustic style. Call a professional about wood kitchen cabinets and talk to them about these rustic design ideas.