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Salt Life -- 4 Must-Do Home Maintenance Tips For Living By The Sea

Living by the ocean -- whether it be the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Gulf, or somewhere in between -- has a lot of benefits. Whether you like heading out for a day of fishing or just hanging out on the sand, the sea has a way of rejuvenating even the most jaded person.

But, it also has some challenges that you don't often face living inland. If you're looking for a home near the beach, here are 4 must-do home maintenance or remodeling necessities to keep your place ship-shape:

Glass. Window glass can get "foggy" from the accumulation of salt particles, so you will likely need to clean them regularly. Window cleaner and a fresh water rinse will go a long way toward keeping the salt from corroding the glass surface. In addition, keep a squeegee handy and when thinking of home remodeling, go with windows that are easily accessible.  

Outdoor Metal. Metal is likely to be among the first casualties of living by the salty sea, so you may want to avoid using it where possible. There are many non-metal alternatives for patio furniture, exterior building materials, and hardscaping, including naturally water resistant teak and vinyl. If you simply must have metal furniture or appliances outside, opt for cast aluminum for better wear.

Window Materials. You may want to replace wood and metal window and door frames on the home -- particularly in areas with high wind or facing the water -- with fiberglass that lasts longer. Vinyl and aluminum can also give your exterior a longer shelf life in the salty air. Fasteners that must be made of metal can also rust out, so try to use hot-dipped galvanized metal or stainless steel where necessary when remodeling.

Interior Moisture. Humid areas allow moisture to hang in the air even inside your home. Naturally moist rooms in the house, like the kitchen and bathrooms, can become even more prolific breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Regularly inspect for signs of mold around showers, flooring, baseboards, and appliances. Make sure all bathroom caulking is in good condition and replace it quickly if it's not. When remodeling, add ventilation and dehumidifiers to wet rooms to help keep them drier.

Living by the seashore is a privilege that not everyone gets to enjoy, and knowing how to keep your house and furnishings in good condition against the harsher elements will help you enjoy it for many more years to come.