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Planning Exterior Changes For Spring For Your Home? 2 Inexpensive Ideas To Help You Get Started

Now is the time to sit down and make plans for what you want to do once the weather warms up. If you are planning to make some changes to the exterior of your home, there are many things you can do. Below are two things you can change that will not cost you a lot of money to help you get started.

Add Awnings

Adding awnings to your windows not only helps with the aesthetics of your home but offers many benefits. For example, you can open the awnings to block the harmful sun's rays from coming in through the window and into your home. This not only makes you and your family more comfortable, it helps save energy because the sun will not warm up the interior of your home. Awnings also protect carpeting, floors, and furniture from fading because of the sun.

There are a variety of awnings you can choose from for your home. For example, there are portable awnings that you can move to different locations so you can use the awning where you need it. Stationary awnings are also available. These are permanently attached above the window. Because of this, hire a professional to install a stationary awning.

Retractable awnings are beneficial because you can roll them up or down when you are not using them. Motorized awnings are rolled up and/or down via a remote. You can also find retractable awnings that have sensors that can sense when the sun is shining through the window so they will automatically open when sun shines through the window and close when the sun goes down.

Add Flowers

Adding colorful flowers to a yard can brighten it up very quickly. You do not have to spend a lot of money. Simply go to a garden center in your area and pick up some inexpensive annuals to plant in front of your home, in flower containers, or in a flower garden. Some annuals you should consider include:

  • Vinca
  • Petunia
  • Phlox
  • Marigold
  • Hollyhock

If you want to spend a little more money, you can purchase perennials, which are flowers that keep coming back year after year. Some perennials you can choose from include:

  • Shasta daisy
  • Black eyed Susan
  • Coneflower
  • Daylily
  • Butterfly bush
  • Hydrangea

Talk with a garden center employee about these flower, as well as many more that you can plant. They can tell you what plants will go well for your gardening zone. You also have to consider the flower's sun requirements, such as if they require full sun or all shade.