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The Perks Of Using Vinyl For Exterior Siding

There are a plethora of exterior panel siding materials to choose from. Wood, vinyl, and fiber cement are all great options that each have their unique drawbacks and advantages. Vinyl is probably the most common of these 3 options for a number of reasons. This article explains what makes vinyl such a great product for exterior residential siding.

Vinyl Is the Easiest to Install

Most people who choose to install their own product will be very happy that they choose vinyl. First of all, vinyl is lightweight. This means that it is easier to transport, carry, and install. It is sold in packages that include several panels. These a specifically packaged so they can be handled by the consumer. You can move them with a large van or pickup truck.

Vinyl is also easy to install because it is easy to cut. A traditional wood blade on a circular saw will make all of your cuts with ease. But the best feature of vinyl, when it comes to self installation, is the simple, modular design. The modular planks can be attached to each other without any screws or glue. You will need to secure the anchor pieces to the existing sidewalls, but the majority of the pieces attach to each other with a quick snap. This means that you can cover the majority of your walls very quickly, with minimal physical effort.

Vinyl Is Water Resistant

The biggest factor when it comes to the durability of existing siding is usually moisture. Rain and dew build up over night can cause fading to wooden and cement siding materials. Vinyl is smooth and has a hard coating that resist water damage or sun fading. This waterproof finish means that maintenance is simple. You can use water and soap to easily clean your walls.

Vinyl Is Energy Efficient

Many people will also be attracted to the fact that vinyl will make their home more energy efficient. The siding will create a strong buffer zone between your sidewalls and the exterior elements. In fact, vinyl comes in many different levels of insulation to meet you needs no matter what climate you live in. Ultimately, vinyl siding can help reduce your electricity bills during the summer and winter.

Vinyl is a great siding product for any residential building. It is hard to find another siding product that is so durable, affordable, stylish, and easy to install. Speak with home builders to find the right option for your home.