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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Low Flow Showerheads

Low flow showerheads are showerheads that are designed, like their name suggests, to use less water while in use. While this design variation offers a number of unique benefits over traditional showerheads, it also comes with a few drawbacks. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of low flow showerheads can help you decide if they are the right fit for your bathroom.

Advantages of Low Flow Showerheads

  • Ease of Installation: Low flow showerheads are extremely easy to install, and fit over your plumbing just like any other showerhead. With a few basic household tools, you can do the job yourself in under an hour.
  • Money Saving: Obviously, the main benefit of a low flow showerhead is that it uses less water, which means that you'll save money on your water bills. However, you will also save money on your energy bills, as less hot water will have to be heated, doubling up on the savings (of course the exact amount that you will save depends on where you live and how your water heater is powered).
  • Environmental Benefits: Low flow showerheads also carry significant environmental benefits which, while somewhat less tangible than the other benefits associated with low flow showerheads, are still an important aspect to consider. By using less hot water in your home, you are reducing your overall carbon footprint and environmental impact, something that is very important to some homeowners.

Disadvantages of Low Flow Showerheads

  • Low Water Pressure: Because low flow showerheads make use of less water than their traditional counterparts, they do not offer the same level of water pressure. This can be problematic, especially if your home already has low water pressure, as the water may seem to just dribble out of the showerhead. This can be fixed by installing a pressure booster at the main water source, but this does represent an additional installation process and expense.
  • Temperature Change Delay: In the same vein, as less water is flowing through the showerhead per second, it can take longer for the water's temperature to change when compared to traditional showerheads. This means that it may take longer for a shower to become comfortable to stand in, which can increase the amount of water that you use and reduce or eliminate the benefits associated with a low flow showerhead. However, this disadvantage will be reduced over time, as you become familiar with the showerhead and the appropriate temperature to set it to. 

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