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Three Remodeling Ideas To Maximize Space In Your Small Kitchen

Having a kitchen with limited counter and cabinet space can make meal prep a challenge, but a kitchen remodel can help you maximize your available space and create a fully functional kitchen. Here are a few ideas to discuss with your remodeling contractor as you plan out your remodeling project.

Eliminate Your Breakfast Nook

If you have a small kitchen with an attached breakfast nook, consider expanding your kitchen footprint into the nook area. You can add a breakfast bar to one end of your new kitchen space to keep the dining space in the room. The breakfast bar area doubles as a meal prep center between meals, and built-in cabinets under the counter provide additional storage space for dry goods or pots and pans. You can add a buffet or hutch to the former dining area to store your dinnerware, wine collection or other kitchen essentials.

Add An Island

A kitchen island creates a focal point in your room while providing additional work and storage space. Your contractor can build a custom island that fits in your available space, whether it is a small square island or a long, narrow one for a galley kitchen. Work with your contractor to see whether or not your setup is ideal for a built-in stove top, which can free up space on your counters to create uninterrupted work space. Consider having towel and spice racks built into the island to maximize your kitchen storage. You may also consider having your contractor run plumbing to the island so you can move your sink to the island and use the space from your old sink to install a dishwasher if you don't currently have the space for one.

Install Multipurpose Lighting

Instead of relying on a traditional ceiling light, opt for a chandelier light with a built-in pot rack. This type of fixture illuminates your kitchen space while saving space in your cabinets. You can hang all your cookware from the fixture for easy access while you are cooking, and your cookware doubles as a decorative accent in your kitchen. These fixtures are available in a wide variety of styles, from rustic country to industrial modern, so you can easily find a model that blends with your design theme.

Your kitchen remodeling contractor may have other ideas for your kitchen that can help you maximize your space. Use these ideas as inspiration for your remodeling project to create a functional kitchen that adds beauty and additional work and storage space in your home. Contact a business, such as Kitchen N Bath Visions, for more information.