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Are Replacement Windows Necessary For An Older Home?

For many buyers of older homes, preserving as much of the home's original components as possible is important. Unfortunately, it might not always be possible. If you own an older home and you are considering replacing the windows, here is what you need to know. 

Should You Replace the Windows?

There are many reasons to consider replacing the windows, including energy savings. Older windows are not as energy-efficient as newer ones, and consequently, your energy bills could be higher. 

If you are interested in keeping the current windows though, refurbishing them could be an option. Whether or not this is possible depends largely on the condition of the windows. Refurbishing the windows require significant time and effort. You also have to consider the expenses related to refurbishing. 

Refurbishing does ensure that the windows fit the architectural design of your home and does not distract from it. If preserving the overall fit is important to you, refurbishing is a sound decision. However, it is important to note that there are replacement windows available that can fit into your home's design. 

What If You Decide to Replace?

There are a variety of replacement windows available that could be used to replace your older windows. For instance, a wood frame window can be customized to look like the original windows. The difference is that the glass can be more efficient and help save on energy bills. 

Professional installers also have experience with installing the windows so that they do fit snuggly into the frame. As a result, there is less air allowed into the home from outside. 

Are There Other Options?

Some homeowners of historic homes opt to keep the original windows and add exterior storm windows. Exterior storm windows fit over the original windows and can be customized to fit any shape. As with other windows, there are a variety of styles available, including those made with fiberglass and wood. 

You can also opt for interior storm windows. The windows attach to the inside of your window's opening. If you want to retain the design of the exterior home, this is a solid option because it is not seen outside of the home. Interior windows are also customizable. 

A window replacement retailer can help with determining whether or not new windows are in order for your older home. If they are, the retailer can also assist with finding the right windows that fit in with your home's overall character. Visit for more information.