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Fitting Kitchen Tiles Around An Awkwardly Shaped Wall

So you're interested in laying new tiles in your kitchen, but you have an awkward area that will make it difficult. Whether it's a jutting bar or another strange spot, you're going to have a hard time getting tiles on the floor around that area. That's why you need to plan ahead.

Measuring Total Kitchen Floor

The first step in the process is measuring the size of your kitchen floor using a tape measure. You don't need to remove any appliances during this process: simply measure the longest length and width of the kitchen and multiply the two numbers together to get your area.

That formula only works if your kitchen is square or rectangular in shape. If your kitchen is triangular in length, use this area formula: measure the length of the longest side and the 90-degree distance from the top of the triangle to the longest side. Multiple these measurements and divide by two to get your total area.

Drawing A Kitchen Tile Floor Plan

Before you start laying tiles, it's a good idea to draw up a simple floor plan. This will help give you an idea of how many tiles you'll use and help you understand how to place tiles around the problematic area. All you'll need for this is some graphing paper, pencils, and erasers. Before deciding, choose a tile size, such as 16-square inches, and use that as a base. A 16-square inch tile will be four inches long and wide, so use that information when drawing your plan.

Start by deciding on a scale for your floor plan that will easily fit the tile size you have chosen. Now, draw a simple floor plan of your kitchen on top of the graphing paper. Once you get to the awkward area, carefully draw a line through the squares representing your tile: this line needs to be replicated on the tiles you will place around the problem area.

Cutting The Tiles

Once you have drawn your plan and have a good idea of how you want your tiles to fit on the floor, it's time to cut the awkward ones. Laying the rest of the floor tiles should be easy: simply start on the opposite corner from the awkward area and lay tiles in your preferred manner. Stop once you reach the tiles on the edge of the awkward area.

Now, take the tiles you're going to fit to the awkward area and mark the area you need to cut off on top with a pencil. Carefully use a glass cutter to start a cut on the tile and then press gently against the surface to break off the excessive area. Carefully attach the cut tiles around the awkward area and you're finished.

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