Improving Your Home Value

Fix Your Home's Unsightly Bathtub To Increase Your House's Value When Selling It -- Without Spending A Lot

Prospective homebuyers focus on two rooms when looking at homes: the kitchen and master bathroom. Remodeling your home's kitchen -- which can cost between $11,192 and $28,621 -- may be more than you can afford. Repairing the bathtub in your home's master bathroom, however, is much more affordable and will still be noticed by prospective homebuyers. Depending on the extent of your bathtub's damage, you may be able to get by with a cheap repair, or you may need to have a bathtub liner installed.

The Cost of Replacing a Bathtub

As an example, Fixr breaks down the cost of replacing an old bathtub and installing a new, standard model. According to their calculations, the total cost for the project would be $1,875. This figures includes the following costs:

  • a new bathtub ($700)

  • tile to replace tile that's taken out ($250)

  • 4 hours of labor for demolition at $70 per hour ($280)

  • 6 hours of labor to install the new tub and tile at $70 per hour ($420)

The Price of Repairing a Bathtub

In contrast, the price of repairing a bathtub can be less than $200, depending on the amount of damage your bathtub has sustained. A $200 repair generally involves filling chips and crack with a polyester resin that is sanded to match the bathtub's coating. Because there's no need to purchase a new bathtub or tile, and the job doesn't require 4 hours of demolition and 6 hours of installation, the total cost is much less than installing a new tub.

In some cases, the damage will be too great to smooth over it with a resin. This is the cheapest option, but it may not be suitable for your home's bathtub.

The Price of a Bathtub Liner

Bathtubs with more extensive damage that can't be smoothed over with a resin can still be repaired for much less than $1,875. Bathtub liners are available for about $850. While this is a lot more than a $200 repair, it's still more than $1,000 cheaper than installing a new bathtub. There's no need to remove the existing bathtub or tile, which accounts for much of the savings.

Bathtub liners go over existing bathtubs, giving them like-new looks. As long as your home's bathtub is still structurally sound, a liner can be put over it.

Before listing your home, talk with a bathtub repair service in your area about how you can make your bathtub look great without spending a fortune. There are many things you might do to your kitchen or master bathroom when selling a home, but few projects are as inexpensive and have as great a visual impact as fixing an unsightly tub. To learn more, contact a company like Affordable Bathtub Repair