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4 Kitchen Upgrades To Make You Happy

The kitchen can feel like such a utilitarian space. After all, it's the room where you cook and clean up after eating. Yet not only do kitchens host so many of your house activities, they tend to host family gatherings as well. Renovate your kitchen with upgrades that make your work easier and your family feel more welcome.

Sliding Pantry

There's no such thing as too much storage, right? A convenient style of storage is the sliding kitchen pantry. This is a tall, narrow shelving unit that slides out from the wall. It's specially built to store non-perishables, though it can be modified to house small appliances as well. Contractors can build this anywhere there's a suitable space available, such as right next to the refrigerator or as a buffer between cabinetry and the oven.  

Breakfast Nook Bump Out

It's such a charming ritual, having morning coffee in the sun. If you fancy casual dining, consider having a bay window bump out built onto your kitchen. The bump out adds just enough space for a breakfast nook. Indeed, if you have banquet seating built into the space, the bench can double as extra storage. Likewise, the additional windows fill your kitchen with even more natural light.

Specialty Work Station

Home chefs usually have a specialty, whether it's baking or pizza making. If this is you, designate a space as your work station for this specialty. For example, set up a corner of the kitchen with a marble countertop well-suited for kneading chilled dough. Design the cabinets above and below with inserts customized to hold your baking implements and specialty ingredients. If you're more the pizza maker, consider adding a pizza oven to your work station. Your specialty work station doesn't have to take up a lot of real estate – it simply needs to be designed for that specific task.

Drink Bar

Along those same lines, most families have beverage preferences, whether that's healthful smoothies, morning cappuccino or handcrafted cocktails. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, the transition space between kitchen and dining room is often a convenient location for a wet bar. Indeed, you could design the space with elements from both rooms to enhance the transition. When planning your drink bar, include all the necessities, such as running water and refrigeration.

When considering kitchen upgrades, make a wish list. From there, decide what kitchen additions can best fulfill your wishes, and talk to your contractors about making them possible. Contact a business such as Personal Touch Kitchens, Inc. for more help.