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Why Wood Windows Are Still Popular

When most people think of window sashes, they think of modern materials like vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum. The materials are certainly practical and have certain advantages over one another. However, there are still many great reasons to invest in wooden window sashes. Many manufacturers still produce wooden windows because the material is so well-loved, stylish, affordable and durable. But why should you invest in wooden windows over the other, more practical, materials? This article explains just a few reasons why wooden windows are still a great solution for most homeowners.

Wood is Durable

The hardwood used in the production of wooden window frames are very durable. Most modern windows use heat treated, tempered woods that are extremely durable. This increases the hardness and water resistance of the wood. Of course, there are many species of wood that can be used for window sashes, but some of the most popular cherry, alder and pine.

Wood is Easy to Fix

One great thing about wood is that is easy to to fix. You might already own all of the tools and supplies you need to patch a dent or hole in a wooden window. All window sashes are bound to get scratched, but wood is easy to fix. Also, the natural wear and tear on a wooden sash can actually add to the style of the window. An old wooden window might look antique. In fact, many windows are made to replicate the look of antique wooden windows. For instance, you can buy vinyl windows with fake wood grains and antique markings.

Wood is Changeable

There are very few materials that are adaptable as wood. It can be painted a solid color, or stained with a clear coat to highlight the wood texture. Best of all, you can refinish your sashes to change with the style of the times. If you like to update your home style, you will be glad that you can also update your sashes.

Wooden windows are similarly priced to materials like vinyl. In the long run, wood does take a little more maintenance, particularly in regards to moisture and termite protection. But with a little basic care, you can ensure your wooden windows are always waterproof, clean, termite free and fully operational. Wood might be a product that has been used in construction since ancient times, but it is still suitable for modern day residential construction. Contact professionals like Another Estimate LLC to get a quote for window replacement.