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Tips For Restaining Your Kitchen Cabinets

One of the best rooms to remodel in any home is the kitchen. It seems like the kitchen is the first room to need a remodel, if only because of all the traffic it receives. A kitchen in a home with teenagers will definitely show the wear and tear. The first thing to show this aging is usually the cabinets. The constantly opening, closing, slamming and touching with dirty fingers can be especially harmful to the stains on wooden cabinet doors. The steam and moisture from the oven and stove can also weaken the finish. That is why this article will explain how to refinish wooden cabinets.

Staining the Doors and Drawer Fronts

The first thing you need to do is remove all of the doors and drawers because you want to restain them in a completely different area. Weather permitting, you can set them up on a table outside and paint them very quickly. Staining over the ornate molding will require the use of a pneumatic paint gun. This is the best way to get a consistent finish. However, before you begin staining, you need to sand the doors and drawer fronts. Using a sponge sander with an extra fine grit will get the job done. Don't bother using a power sander. You don't need to sand off all of the existing stain. You just need to make the surface equally smooth. In actuality, you might be roughing up the surface.

Using a spray gun is easy, even if you have no experience. The most important thing to remember is to never pull the trigger while the gun is stationary. Always be moving while spraying. Start spraying, and then run the gun by the piece you are painting. Also, it is important to follow the maintenance instructions for your particular brand of gun.

Staining the Cabinet Boxes

You want to stain the cabinets while the doors and drawers are removed. The key to painting indoors is masking off the areas that you don't wish to paint. Use lightweight painter's plastic to cover large appliances and walls. Cover the floor with painter's (aka rosin) paper. This is safer to walk on than plastic. A hand masking tool is the best way to tape off the corners with accuracy. If only the faceframe of your cabinet is stained, you will need to tape off the insider walls of the cabinet boxes. This can be the most tedious part of the masking. Use the same techniques you used to spray the doors and drawers.

When all paint is dry, you can reattach the doors and drawers. Your kitchen will be revitalized with your newly stained cabinets. Contact a business, such as Olson Cabinets & Woodworking Inc, for more information on staining your cabinets.