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Live The Clean Home Dream: Howto Create A Bathroom That Always Looks Immaculate

If you have ever watched house and home television shows, you may notice how every room in the house always seems perfect, especially the bathrooms. While most of the homes that you see on television are properly prepared for the occasion, there are always ways that you can make your bathroom gleam. If you are interested in performing bathroom remodeling, here are some ideas that will help give your bathroom a perpetual immaculate look. 

Go with matching marble floors and walls

One of the best materials to include in your bathroom is marble. Marble has a natural gleam when the light hits it and it gives off an upscale look no matter the size of your bathroom. Marble is also quite easy to maintain. Unlike normal tile that tends to get mold and bacteria inside of the grout, your marble tiles will be large and set tightly together. This will decrease the possibility that there will be any mold attaching to the marble. You can also get a shower wall created of one marble slab, which will be easy to simply spray and wipe down in order to clean. Since marble surfaces are slick, water will run down the wall and into the drain without issue. 

Get rid of the fixed drain stopper

One of the reasons why sinks get dirty is build up in the pipes that causes water to stand in the sink. During your bathroom remodeling, invest in a raised sink with a bowl sink. In your new bathroom remodel, remove the fixed sink stoppers that many sinks will have. Instead, invest in removable sink stoppers that you can completely take out of the sink when not necessary. This will allow a wider space for water to flow, plus allow you to spritz and wipe a bowl with ease. 

Install a toilet-on-a-wall

Making something a wall attachment means taking up less floor space, which usually means cleaner floors. Purchasing a toilet that attaches to the wall will get your toilet up off the floor and make sure that there are no attachments that may get dirty. Putting the toilet on the wall means that it will be easier to wipe down. It also means you can easily get in all of the cracks and crevices to sweep and steam mop your floor. Along with the toilet, keep as many things inside of counters and off of the floor as possible to stop any dust from collecting. 

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