Improving Your Home Value

Revamping Traditional Wooden Cabinetry With Modern Features

When you have traditional wooden cabinetry installed in your home, you can fully expect the same cabinetry to cater to your home for as long as 50 years, according to This Old House. Even though this definitely makes wooden cabinetry a sound home investment, what happens when you are trying to stray away from tradition and revamp your kitchen with a more modern appeal? There is no need to start pulling those cabinets down to see if you can sell them just yet. There are a few modern implementations and adjustments you can make to those boring and traditional cabinets that you may want to consider first. 

Swap out mundane cabinet faces for something more visually appealing. 

having your cabinets refaced is one of the more economically logical choices to make when you have wooden cabinetry in the kitchen that is still in good condition. You can completely change the look of the cabinets by having the doors replaced with glass that will offer a full view of the shelves inside. If you want to open up the cabinetry even more, you can also have a contractor install a reflective metal sheeting over the shelves, such as fabricated stainless steel or copper. 

Bring on the industrial metal style with creative embellishments for the cabinetry.

Create a completely different cabinetry look just by adding a few metal embellishments to the existing frame and structures. Doors can be fitted with artistic iron-replicated grids, knobs and handles can be swapped out for custom-designed pieces, and even the cabinet shelving can be altered with new shelf extensions.  

Work with a metal fabricator to create fascinating wood and steel combination cabinetry. 

One of the more modern approaches to kitchen cabinetry involves combining flashy industrial steel with traditional wood. Steel naturally brings out some of the more attractive features of the wood when the two very different materials are paired side by side. Adding steel trim on cabinet door panels or around the cabinetry frame can give your entire kitchen a look that is completely different than what you initially started out with. 

The bottom line is this: You May be tired of looking at your old wooden cabinetry, but if it is still in good shape, it can be altered quite easily to create an entirely new look that is modern, desirable, and up to date. Talk to a cabinetry contractor (such as one from McKoy's Quality Interiors) for more ideas about how to revamp your kitchen cabinetry.